Safety Data Sheets

Harris Products Group Safety Data Sheets


Phosphorous Copper

Dynaflow, Harris 0, Stay-Silv 15, Stay-Silv 2, Stay-Silv 5, Stay-Silv 6, Stay-Silv 6HP

Phos Copper SDS

Blockade SDS

Harris O, Harris O LP, Harris O HP, Harris O AM, Harris O HHP, Harris OHP, Harris OXHP, LCuP7, LCuP6, Phoson, PSN 4, Flash, LCuP8

Blockade Harris FS70 – SDS

Phosphorus/Copper Brazing Filler Metal – SDS for the above products

High Silver

Safety-Silv 25, Safety-Silv 30, Safety-Silv 35, Safety-Silv 38T, Safety-Silv 40, Safety-Silv 40Ni2, Safety-Silv 40T, Safety-Silv 45, Safety-Silv 45T, Safety-Silv 50, Safety-Silv 50N, Safety-Silv 56

High Silver SDS

Silver Brazing Alloys SDS


Al Braze 1070 SDS


Cor-Al SDS


L T Silver Brazing Flux – SDS

600 Powder Flux SDS

Al-Braze Flux SDS

Stay-Silv Black Flux – SDS

Stay-Silv White Flux, Dynaflow White Flux

Eco Smart Flux – Powder


Lead-Free Solders

95/5,  Bridgit, Nick, Speedy, Stay-Brite, Stay-Brite 8, Stay-Brite Kit

Lead-Free Solders SDS

AL Solder 500 – SDS

Lead-Bearing Solders

Gal Viz SDS

40/60, 40/60 Acid Core, 40/60 Rosin Core, 50/50, 50/50 Acid Core, 50/50 Rosin Core, 60/40, 60/40 Acid Core, 60/40 Rosin Core

Lead-Bearing Solders SDS

63/37 Tin/Lead Solder – SDS


505 Flux SDS

Bridgit Paste Flux SDS

Bridgit Water Soluble Paste Flux SDS

Stay-Clean Aluminium Flux SDS

Stay-Clean Liquid Flux SDS

Stay-Clean Paste Flux SDS


Nickel Silver Alloy 170, Alloy 170FC – SDS

Aluminium Alloy

Alloy 4043 (MIG), Alloy 4043 (TIG), Alloy 4047 (718), Alloy 5356 (MIG), Alloy 5356 (TIG), Alloy 5556

Aluminum Alloy SDS

Cast Iron

99 Nickel SDS

NIC-L-Weld 59 Electrodes, NIC-L-Weld 99 Electrodes – NIC-L-Weld SDS

Copper Alloy


Aluminium Bronze A1 (GMAW) (3 ALB GTAW), Aluminium Bronze A2 (GMAW/GTAW) – Aluminium A1-A2 SDS

Deox Copper (GMAW/GTAW) (MIG/TIG) – Deox Copper SDS

Nickel Bronze Bare Rod – SDS

Harris American Low Fuming Bronze – SDS

Low Fuming Bronze Bare/Flux Coated – Low Fuming Bronze SDS

Phos Bronze (GMAW/GTAW) (MIG/TIG), Silicon Bronze (MIG) – Phos/Silicon Bronze SDS


Solar Flux Type B SDS

Maintenance & Repair

111 Kastweld SDS

17/17FC SDS


Super Missleweld SDS


65 Nickel Iron Electrodes SDS

Alloy 26 SDS

Cut Rod SDS

TufKut SDS

Mild Steel

4130 Chrome Moly SDS

E71T-1 Flux-Cored SDS

ER70S-2 (GTAW) TIG, ER70S-3 (GMAW) MIG, ER70S-3 (GTAW) TIG, ER70S-6 (GMAW) MIG, ER70S-6 (GTAW) TIG, ER80S-D2 (GMAW) MIG, ER80S-D2 (GTAW) Low Alloy

Mild Steel SDS

ER80S-B2 (GTAW), ER90S-B3 (GTAW) – SDS

Ten Gauge Self-shielding SDS

Twenty Gauge Metal Core SDS

W1060 (RG45) Solid Wire (GTAW) Oxy-Fuel – W1060 (RG45) Solid Wire SDS

W1200 (RG60) Solid Wire (GTAW) Oxy-Fuel – W1200 (RG60) Solid Wire SDS

Stainless Steel

E308LT1-1, E309LT1-1, E316LT1-1 – Flux Cored Stainless Steel Wire SDS

ER630 (17-4PH), MIG 308, MIG 308L, MIG 309, MIG 309 L, MIG 309LSi, MIG 310, MIG 312, MIG 316, MIG 316L, MIG 316LSi, MIG 317L, MIG 347, MIG 410, TIG 308, TIG 308L, TIG 308LSi, TIG 309, TIG 309L, TIG 310, TIG 312, TIG 316, TIG 316L, TIG 316LSi, TIG 317L, TIG 347, TIG 410

SDS for all of above

Stick Electrodes

308L, 309L, 309, 310, 312, 316L, 347, 410 Stainless Electrodes – Flux Coated Stainless Electrodes SDS

6011, 6013 Mild Steel Electrodes – Mild Steel Electrodes SDS

7014, 7018 Mild Steel Electrodes – Mild Steel Electrodes SDS


Cleaning & Chemical Aids

1620 Nozzle Shield & Anti Spatter Compound SDS

1630 Safe T Spat Biodegradable SDS

Chemical Sharpener for Tungsten Electrode SDS

Compound 302 Postweld Stainless Steel Cleaner SDS

Kleen Green SDS

Superweld SDS

Weld O Preweld Aluminium Cleaner SDS


Tungsten SDS

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