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Harris Australia is part of the Harris worldwide team, reputed to be the oldest gas equipment manufacturer, with production starting in 1905.

Today, you’ll find the Harris name on gas equipment that sets the standards for design, performance, safety and quality… whether cutting and welding or accurately delivering oxygen to a patient in intensive care. Harris is truly a world-class company. Its products are now sold in over 80 countries worldwide and manufactured in state of the art factories in the United States, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

All our collective energy goes into producing a quality product. Compare the Harris product and you will know immediately that Harris is the real value leader in gas equipment. ‘Simply a better buy!’

The story goes further. The benefits for you are supported by our distributor network. Our distributors comprehensively understand the product and know how to provide productivity gains and lower costs for users of gas equipment. Harris distributors are solving problems and helping end-users become more efficient every day. Our ‘know how’ can be a valuable ally for your business.

A Harris distributor is nearby, stocks the product you need and has the expertise to advise and arrange an on-site demonstration.

Contact us for your local Harris distributor, service and support details or request a demo.

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